Dr. Craig Marker: Balancing Performance, Recovery, And Longevity And Becoming More Resilient From Appropriate Stressors


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It’s a pleasure to bring back my friend and favored podcast guest Dr. Craig Marker for a third show. A prominent figure in the strength training world, his epic article HIIT vs HIRT was also, in my opinion, one of the best things published in decades to help us frame our high intensity workouts—and these days, a lot of people are talking about it and using the term “HIRT”, which is great to see. We’ve talked a lot about training in the past, so this is a really fun show since we get to go off in different directions, many of them informed by Dr. Craig’s day career as a psychologist at Mercer University in Atlanta.

We’ll be talking about resilience and how to bounce back from post-traumatic stress disorder, and there will be some surprises and controversial assertions in this episode that might help you as a parent, or just as a person who is trying to do their best to be competitive, while also maintaining focus on the process and balancing those disparate goals. We also talk about exercise, training, and designing appropriate workouts as people in the 50+ category—people who are still trying to perform magnificent athletic feats while feeling that frustration of your body taking longer to recover, while still trying to dial in workouts that allow you to hit that sweet spot of getting great fitness stimulation without comprising recovery and longevity—a big challenge indeed, but I love this healthy perspective from Dr. Craig, who said: “I don’t have all the answers here, we have got to keep figuring it out.”


Popular dietary practices fall into place with people who are generally metabolically healthy, fit, good blood markers. Do we need to change that? [03:46]

It is so easy to overdo exercise when you push yourself without acknowledging the importance of finding the proper balance of stressors. [06:19]

Your body has to be prepared for whatever you are doing. It doesn’t need confusion. [09:37]
What does Craig think about that common commentary that we are obligated to fit in this so-called zone two at comfortable pace cardio if we want to get a full report card as an all -around fitness enthusiast? [12:41]

When there are so many levels of activities and goals individuals engage in, talking about eating strategy gets confusing. [16:28]

The pendulum effect seems to be a natural pattern with people who have had a stressful incident. They go back naturally after a bit of time. It’s a natural immune response. [20:53]

Some cultures say you need to be happy all the time and others have the opposite idea. [28:41]

People are afraid to make mistakes, however, we learn much from our mistakes. [32:15]

The hardest thing about being a parent is letting the kids learn from mistakes. We want to protect them. [34:12]

Accept yourself before changing. [36:24]

How can we negotiate the appropriate loading of challenges and progressing with our fitness?


Warm up and prepare properly always. [49:14]


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