Dr. Anna Cabeca: MenuPause and How Diet Can Assist With Menopause Symptoms


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Dr. Anna Cabeca returns to the show for a powerful and memorable conversation about menopause, healing after tragedy, and her new book, MenuPause.

Things get deeply personal in this episode: Dr. Anna talks about her experience with tragedy (her toddler son’s death) and dealing with PTSD and infertility, and you’ll hear some seriously life-changing insights that she has learned from her most difficult life experiences. She also reveals the reason why resetting your circadian rhythm is essential for healing, explains her experience with reversing early menopause despite being told she couldn’t have children, and much more!

Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO, OBGYN, FACOG has dedicated her career to helping women balance their hormones and heal their bodies, and knows that the hormonal fluctuation that precipitates menopause can be one of the hardest times for women, upending an otherwise normal and happy life. In MenuPause, Dr. Cabeca teaches women a new way of eating so they can take charge of their own health and continue to live their most fulfilling lives.


Dr. Cabeca’s story includes five unique eating plans to help with weight loss, improve mood, sleep and hot flashes. [01:22]

Anna left her medical practice because of burnout, after an especially traumatic time in her life. [04:42]

As she traveled the world, she met many leading scientists who expanded her knowledge of medicine. [09:25]

Endocrinology and gynecology are interrelated systems. [11:47]

After the trauma of the death of her toddler, Anna received the diagnosis that she was unable to become pregnant again, adding to her stress. She did, however, have another baby. [13:15]

Healers and philosophers from all over the world gave Anna the same general knowledge that the organs hold all the energies in your body. [15:17]

After her travels brought her a new perspective, she changed the way she practiced medicine. [22:42]

Stress can mess up our adaptive hormones. Your cortisol goes up and oxytocin goes down. The more oxytocin, the better the body repairs itself. [25:05]

Her book, MenuPause presents five unique eating plans to break your weight loss plateau and improve mood, sleep, and hot flashes. [30:27]

Each of us is different and Dr. Anna personalizes the diet plans for each individual. [33:53]

In menopause, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, and DHA all diminish. [38:40]

Brain fog is an inability to extract the necessary glucose to fuel the brain. [42:19]

What behaviors helped her heal from the PTSD she had after her child was killed. [45:19]

How does oxytocin promoting behaviors compare to dopamine triggers? [50:59]



  • “There is magic in the pauses of our lives.” – Dr. Anna Cabeca

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