Dave Rossi On Leveraging The 7 Habits (Breather Episode with Brad)


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“Observations are not defensive. Stating your goals is not defensive. Disagreeing is not defensive. Saying no is not not giving love and compassion: you can say ‘no’ with love and compassion.”

This wonderful insight comes from Dave Rossi, and this breather show highlights how utilizing his 7 Habits (click here for my most recent interview show with Dave) will catapult you into a state of happiness and peace of mind, while also teaching you how to balance becoming less emotionally reactive with not being a total doormat.


There are seven habits put forth by Dave Rossi that help you live a life of happiness and grace. [01:47]

Compassion is not rolling over. [03:20]

It’s not events that make us upset or angry. It is our belief in them. [05:20]

Awareness is a lot more powerful than values. [07:06]


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