Cynthia Thurlow And Joy Kong: A Deep Discussion On Diet, Fasting, Longevity, Mindset, And Personal Growth


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Get ready for a fantastic long-form conversation with Dr. Joy Kong and Cynthia Thurlow!

It was such a pleasure to sit down for a fire-side style, three-way chat to discuss all kinds of topics with these two powerhouse women. I’m trying to be more bold and daring as the host of the B.rad podcast, including going for some long-form, in person interviews, as I think it is the best chance to get truly breakthrough insights. This is proving to be true; throughout this conversation, I got to know Cynthia and Dr. Joy on a deeper level than remote podcast engagements where you stick to the key talking points in the guest’s area of expertise. Same for going to visit Gabby Reece at her home—you connect on a deeper level and the conversation takes interesting twists and turns.

This episode features some deep discussions around some pretty heavy, real topics, as Dr. Joy and Cynthia open up and share personal stories that will inspire you and get you thinking, and we also cover many important and relevant health topics. You will hear Cynthia explain how being in the hospital with complications from an emergency surgery ended up changing her life, and Dr. Joy talks about her experience growing up in a high-pressure, high expectations culture in China and how this shaped her, as well as how she maintains a healthy work-life balance today as she pursues her goals. We also spend a long time discussing the role of protein in a healthy diet and compare and contrast the different popular diets today.

Cynthia Thurlow is a nurse practitioner, author of the best selling book Intermittent Fasting Transformation, a 2x TEDx speaker, and the host of Everyday Wellness Podcast. With over 20 years experience in health and wellness, Cynthia is a globally recognized expert in intermittent fasting and women’s health, and her mission is to educate women on the benefits of intermittent fasting and overall holistic health and wellness, so they feel empowered to live their most optimal lives.

Dr. Joy Kong is a UCLA-trained, triple board-certified physician, anti-aging and stem cell specialist, educator, and CEO. As the founder of Uplyft Longevity Center in Chatsworth, CA, she focuses her efforts on the prevention of aging, as well as chronic diseases that no one else has been able to heal. She believes that complete healing can only come from looking at the whole person - mind, body, and soul.


The two women discuss their transformation from traditional medicine to more enlightened patient care and education. [05:43]

Helping people stay well is very bad for the pharmaceutical business. [09:03]

If a patient would eat properly, lower carbs and eat more protein, get good sleep, and move, they wouldn’t need so many medications. [11:31]

We’ve made it hard for people to make changes. Watch your spending habits and prioritize healthy eating. [14:05]

There is much misinformation dispensed by well-meaning people that causes confusion. [17:09]

How much protein should we be eating? [19:06]

Muscle mass and muscle strength are the key to hanging in there a long time. [25:35]

If you are a fan of fasting, it is difficult to get enough protein. [29:39]

There are so many schools of thought about high carb, low carb, high fat, low fat, plant, carnivore, etc. The starting point, regardless of what school you are in, is to get rid of the crap in your diet. [32:06]

Many people just get accustomed to feeling poorly. They don’t know what it feels like to be healthy. [37:41]

Do men and women fast differently? Women under age 35 should use caution with fasting. [38:38]

What role do carbs play? It’s very individual experiment. “How do I feel?” is a good monitor. [45:16]

What is a good window for intermittent fasting? [55:19]

All those restrictive diets, fasting, keto, low carb, etc. are in the category of stressors. We live in a very stressful society. [01:01:32]

It’s a constant effort to find balance. It’s important to be introspective about your life, to figure out what you want, who you really are. [01:12:40]

Goal setting can help envision where you want to go in the future, and imagine how it feels. If we get comfortable, we don’t grow. [01:24:58]

Some people are constantly giving and not advocating for themselves. [01:32:52]

When people are disconnected and feel unloved, feel unworthy, they experience more negativity. [01:38:29]

Set the bar really low so you can get over it and then keep raising the bar. [01:40:23]

The best thing you can do as a parent is love your kids. [01:46:11]

Vegetables have always been promoted as the super nutrient, however, there are many problems that can play havoc on your gut. [01:53:00]

Don’t obsess with the caveman example. [02:02:38]


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