Cynthia Monteleone: Becoming A World Champion Sprinter Mom, And Holistic Health Tips For Diet, Supplementation, And Getting Fast and Strong


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Let’s get ready to rumble with Cynthia Monteleone!

She is a World Champion Masters Track and Field athlete and a certified holistic metabolic analytics practitioner. Cynthia comes from the beautiful island of Maui and is full of positive energy and enthusiasm, and our conversation today is interesting and inspiring, and trust me, the minute the show is over, you are going to be ready to sprint! She is a huge proponent of the overall fitness and health lifestyle benefits of sprinting, and at the very end of the show, she shares a fabulous list detailing the 10 reasons why sprinting is superior to cardio for fitness, health, and everything else.

You’ll hear about her background as a college athlete, the 20-year break she took to live real life and raise kids in Hawaii, and then her rapid ascension to winning the World Title for sprinting in her age group. Her time for a 400-meter sprint is 57 seconds! If you need a reference point for that time, it’s an extraordinary performance: I will admit, she’s faster than me! It’s also faster than how she ran in college as a D1 athlete! Cynthia is turning back the clock like nobody’s business, and she has this amazing and unique blend of steep scientific knowledge as well as practical application from being an all-around World Champion jock. We’ll get into some science at the very end with this well-read, well-researched certified practitioner, who also started MAM: Metabolic Analytics of Maui, a company that helps clients reach their nutrition and physical fitness goals. Through analytics, consultation and education, she helps everyday folks as well as elite athletes. Enjoy hearing this lively conversation with Cynthia, and if you want to learn more about her work, click here.


World champion sprinter is here to talk about sprinting, supplements, and the timing of workouts as part of her training. [00:57]

After running in college, Cynthia took a hiatus to raise a family and then journeyed forward to win a world championship. [03:43]

Your body does a great job cleaning up your system by storing toxins in the body fat. [06:09]

While training with Charles Poliquin, she improved her running skills by 50%. [08:28]

She ran the 400 in 58 flat at age 42, in the Masters meet. [13:11]

When you are going for marginal improvements and you’re already at the elite level trying to get faster, the training is pretty difficult. [19:02]

Cynthia talks about the supplements she has found that works well, especially when traveling. The timing of your workouts is important too. [21:18]

Stop icing and stop static stretching when trying to recover. [27:30]

Cynthia basically is on an animal protein-based diet. Lactate is a valuable energy source. [30:12]

You can tell by the bicep measurement how their testosterone is and the tricep measurement how the estrogen is. [34:13]

Especially an issue with women is the toxins that reside in the body that come from scented candles, beauty products, lotions, etc. [39:13]

Dietary optimization is still an important goal, even with elite athletes. [48:19]

Ditch the AirPods! They are microwaving your brain. There is a lot of research on EMF. [54:00]

What percentage of the workouts are working within your capacity so that you can recover and rebuild? [56:35]

Sprinting is better than cardio for fat loss and gut health. There are 10 reasons why. One is you get better hormone balance. [01:03:34]

The micro bacteria in your microbiome is dictated by what foods you eat and what type of exercise you do. [01:07:38]

Sprinters are smarter than distance runners. Number 4 is sprinting makes you happier. [01:09:38]

Overuse injuries are more abundant in endurance training. There is a high risk in endurance for heart remodeling. [01:10:43]

Body fat percentage is number seven. If you are too thin, you have poor hormone health. [01:13:11]

You can damage the DNA in the cells when participating in endurance. [01:15:18]

AQP4 is a water channel which is in your brain like the lymphatic system. [01:17:06]



  • "If you’re in the gym longer than an hour, you are making friends, not progress!"(Poliquin)
  • "Sprinting is better for aging, than endurance training." (Monteleone)

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