Brian Gryn: Self-Experimentation, Redundant Pathways, Optimizing Fasting, And Reverse Dieting


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I’ve been talking to today’s guest, Bryan Gryn (host of the Get Lean, Eat Clean podcast) a lot recently about my experiment with eating more food and de-emphasizing things like fasting and low-carb models, as Bryan is a firm follower of the 2 Meals A Day strategy.

During this show, I challenge him on eating more as we get into this topic and try to make sense of some potentially confusing, seemingly disparate points of view about fasting and calories. Bryan shares why it all comes down to knowing your baseline, so you can make choices about your life and routines based on the essential goals of getting optimal sleep, controlling stress, and everything else you need to do to live a generally healthy lifestyle. We get into fun topics like cold exposure and how to do it correctly, how to handle the assortment of different stressors present in modern life—both chronic and destructive, as well as the appropriate stressors (although we must remember these are all forms of stress—even restrictive diets). We also talk about how to fast and when not to fast, dive into the concept of redundant pathways, the benefits that come from the strategic application of restrictive diets, as well as how to do these diets the right way.


This simulcast brings great discussions on the pros and cons of restrictive diets. [00:53]

Having compliance and long-term sustainability with self-experimentation is what really works. [06:41]

It is important to be more thorough with getting your bloodwork, especially when you are testing out new dietary regimens to see how they affect you. [09:43]

It is difficult to get your Vitamin D needs met just through diet. Sun exposure is important. [13:21]

We have to be careful in our already stressful lives when we add restrictive diets to our lives. [14:09]

Breathwork can really help diminish your stress. [17:38]

Which is colder: Lake Tahoe or chest freezer? You want the whole practice of cold exposure to be appropriately brief. [19:57]

Brad wonders if the success of some of these diets could be largely driven by what you eliminate rather than the magic of the new “regimen.” [23:44]

Protein foods are highly satiating so you aren’t usually looking to snack. [31:20]

The key is to stay away from refined industrial seed oils and refined carbohydrates. [38:42]

Can you overdo it with restricting and fasting? [43:02]

At all times your liver is working hard to make sure your glucose is balanced. [51:10]

Brad has been experimenting on his carnivore-ish diet by adding carbs such as fruit. [55:02]

Having a spare tire, losing muscle mass….those are the baseline for aging. [57:27]

When you feel alert, energized, focused, and not hungry from not eating, this is due to turning on the stress mechanisms that are allowing you to feel that way without energy. [01:01:57]

If you get rid of the processed foods, you are not going to get fat. (Lustig) [01:10:04]

Today’s elite level athletes perform six times as much physical energy expenditure than the busiest hunger gatherer. [01:25:32]


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