Breather: Rethinking Ancestral Obsessions And What's Optimal Vs. What's Possible


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The ancestral health movement has exploded over the past decade and more, and while it’s wonderful to see people raising their awareness of our genetic expectations for health, one thing has been on my mind a lot lately, which is this obsession people have with the ancestral model and how this can possibly be taken to the extreme and deliver adverse results.

I do want to validate the ancestral model (especially when it pertains to cleaning up our act amidst the challenges and influences of modern life!), but this episode will focus on the urgent need and obsession many have with modeling the ancestral example—to the extent that we inappropriately apply the philosophy or the strategy to the realities of hectic, high-stress modern life. In this show, you will learn all about these so-called hormetic stressors and what happens when we try to stack them on top of the already busy canvas created by the many forms of chronic stress that exist in modern life. This episode is not about going off the grid and unplugging completely—instead, you will learn how to develop an awareness of what we need to watch out for (like endocrine disruptors in our environment, the chronic stress that comes from pursuing a career in our modern, technology-driven world, long hours spent in front of a screen, and more) and how these factors affect our bodies if still follow the philosophy that we need to go sprint, do a ton of cardio and fast just like our ancestors did, as well as consume no fruit throughout the winter and practice daily cold plunges.


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