Brad’s Diet, Part 3: Top Secret C&C Strategy For Fat Loss And Maximum Nutrient Density (Breather Episode with Brad)


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Since I talked about my carnivore awakening in part 2, this episode focuses on the personal benefits I have experienced since adopting a nose to tail animal based diet, as well as my recommendation for long-term fat loss, perhaps the pre-eminent dietary goal in the world, through my top secret, specially designed C&C eating strategy.

In this show, I explain why I consider myself a “carnivore for life” and why these foods will continue to be the central focus of my diet (animal foods are after all, the fuel that drove human evolution for 2.5 million years and are the most complete and nutrient-dense foods on earth). I talk about the efficiency of carnivore style eating, how I feel fully satisfied on fewer total meals and much less snacking, and the significant improvement I noticed in my digestive function. Finally, I reveal which of my favorite plant foods I still eat (the list is longer than you may think, and even includes a little honeycomb!), why I eat very little fruit, and explain why I have made a firm commitment to up my organ meat game.


Brad’s dietary journey has evolved from processed foods to the animal-based nose to tail diet. [01:18]

Plant foods from the natural world contain toxins that could be harmful. Try a 30-day experiment of eliminating all plant foods and see what happens. [03:16]

The nutrient density of the organ is superior to the muscle meats. [05:31]

In your transition to your healthier diet of nose to tail animal products, be sure to include bone broth. Liver is very important also. [08:22]

By eating a high carb diet, you will create a lot of insulin stimulating effects creating tiredness. [12:07]

When flying, Brad uses it as an opportunity to fast where he used to take healthy snacks. [14:06]

When Brad learned to manage his weight and control choices of foods, he began to relax and allow some of his favorite foods back in, carefully monitoring for adverse symptoms. [16:11]

Purple sweet potatoes, inside and out, are one of Brad’s most favorite carbs. Homemade kombucha is a favorite beverage. [17:59]

Brad describes how he makes his own delicious kombucha. And, of course, his Macadamia Masterpiece nut butter is at the top of his list. [20:58]

Some people say you shouldn’t eat fruit in the winter because it is not aligned with our evolutionary expectations. [24:40]

Remember that we are all individuals and that we have genetic profiles that work differently in every diet. [28:42]

Through of cold showers and hot saunas and sprint workouts and fasting you create hermetic stressors. [33:27]

Dr. Josh Axe ranks the 30 most nutrient dense foods. [37:28]

The flawed notion that the more dietary diversity you have, the better our gut microbiome has been widely refuted by many experts. [41:43]

If you live in the northern latitudes, your body cannot make Vitamin D. [42:45]

Brad’s main takeaway is to make the effort to understand what contribution this food you are eating makes to your overall health. Maximize nutrient density. [45:25]

If you want to lose excess body weight, you need to emphasize protein as your dietary centerpiece. [48:37]

If you are an athlete trying to recover so you have good blood work, you want to make sure you keep the muscles repairing by trying not to overload the stress factors. [50:20]

Set a goal of a minimum 12 hours eating window. [52:28]

Emphasize nose to tail animal-based diet. This includes eggs. [53:56]


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