Brad’s Diet, Part 1: Evolution Of Dietary Practices Over Decades (Breather Show with Brad)


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Welcome to a massive three-part production detailing the evolution of my dietary habits over decades, starting with my childhood that coincided with the rise of fast food culture and factory processed, nutrient-deficient, toxic modern foods.

Thankfully, the Kearns family had an awareness of healthy eating and all the junk I threw down as a kid came atop a respectable baseline of healthful, home-cooked meals.

In part 1, we travel through my youth and reach major turning points like my first awareness of eating for athletic performance with the 1983 book, Eat To Win, my cold turkey plunge into the world of ancestral-inspired eating with the advent of Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint in 2008, to my rapid total immersion into the ketogenic diet when no one had heard of it in 2017 as Mark and I worked on The Keto Reset Diet, to my most recent and stunning awakening that was the advent of the carnivore diet in 2019.

You’ll hear about my experience with some ill-advised but well-intentioned food choices, the six week adjustment period that came with my decision to start eating an ancestral diet—cold turkey, no transition period, how quickly I felt a huge improvement in my digestive function and started having stable daily energy levels, and why I have consumed almost zero grains, legumes, or bread for the last 12 years (as well as the one food I will occasionally consume rice with). I also talk about why it’s actually more important for athletic people to emphasize nutritious foods and not just use their fitness level as an excuse to eat trash and learning how to select the most legitimately high quality suppliers for beef, fish, and eggs during a time when organic and grass-fed, pasture-raised items were just gaining popularity and interest.


If you were born before 1950, you had a nice cushion of home prepared meals, before fast foods came into being. [01:25]

Those of us born after 1950 had a more nutrient deficient childhood. [04:25]

Other countries adopted our fast-food ways and the life expectancy decreased. [07:01]

The more athletic someone is, the more they challenge and demand of their body, the more important it is to emphasize nutritious foods. [13:50]

At age 18, Brad transitioned when he found his athletic endeavors were bringing him injuries and illness. [15:42]

In the early 80’s we were told to cut out fat. Now we know that fat DOES NOT make us fat. [19:23]

About that time, in the 80s, is when Brad began to really take an interest in understanding food he was putting in his body. [23:20]

The go-to meals of the day were a lot of grain-based concoctions, and many performance foods. Then he retired from the pro circuit. [27:02]

In 2008 Brad and Mark Sisson got together and created The Primal Blueprint lifestyle pretty much eliminating grain-based foods. [30:37]

The advent of civilization brought about a dramatic dive in human health. [32:31]

After Brad took up the primal lifestyle, his overall health and vitality increased. He dropped the grains that had been the basis of his diet. [35:11]

Interest in the ketogenic diet came up in 2017. [39:44]

In the ketogenic diet, the maximum benefits are going to be obtained by the people in the most desperate situations that have the most metabolic damage. [41:47]

You just have to embrace reality in a positive attitude and also realize that chronological aging is one of the major factors of peak performance. [47:29]


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