B.rad Rebroadcast: The Carnivore Code with Dr. Paul Saladino


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I made a life-changing dietary shift thanks to today’s guest Dr. Paul Saladino. In this rebroadcast episode, you’ll hear from the leading advocate for an animal based or carnivore(ish) diet and learn about his book, The Carnivore Code.

You’ll learn why you don’t need to be afraid of carbs and the “least offensive” carbs to emphasize in your diet, why kale and berries are NOT the nutritional centerpieces of human health (and what foods are), and how this dietary change has impacted my health for the better since 2019. We talk about the importance of experimenting with your food choices to see if digestion improves, explain the antioxidant concept correctly so you understand the true effect antioxidants have on the body, and talk about which superfoods have pro-oxidant agents.

We discuss the difference between environmental hormesis vs plant hormesis and the benefits of using alternative methods for challenging the body that don’t involve plant hormesis, such as fasting and cold exposure. Finally, we discuss why carnivore won’t be for everyone and reveal the truth about fiber (which has now been widely discounted).


This is a rerun of Brad’s podcast with Dr. Paul Saladino, the expert on Carnivore-ish diet, that compares the nutrient density of meat and vegetables. [02:10]

Paul frames his discussion with really important items, the first one being that animal foods should include organ meats and not just muscle meats. [07:41]

Paul eats about one gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. [11:41]

In the Faster Study, they found that you can get equal levels of glycogen stored in your muscle, use in your muscle, and then replenish on a low carb, high fat diet. [13:49]

If you have in mind the number of calories you want to eat in a day, why not eat the most nutrient rich foods? [17:51]

Diseases like autoimmune disease, psychiatric disease are mostly inflammatory. [22:54]

How do you challenge the arguments in favor of plant-based diets? [35:36]

We’ve been told blueberries are a high antioxidant food, broccoli and leafy greens have wonderful compounds in them. It’s not the way it works. [39:49]

Can we feed everyone animals? [59:18]


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