Mark Sisson: Reconciling Metabolic Flexibility With The Fully Fueled Approach


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Mark Sisson joins me to discuss my recent reflections on the fundamental principles of ancestral health, metabolic flexibility, why any form of exercise counts as cardio, and the greatest misconceptions about ‘calories in, calories out.’

We talk about time-restricted feeding, training, glycogen and increasing carb consumption, and if there is an optimal number or range of calories you should take in every day. Mark also touches on why he describes his diet as “keto-ish” and not as fully keto, reveals what the ultimate “Ancestral skill” is, and explains the importance of looking at your meals granularly when you’re in performance mode.


Basic metabolism works pretty much in alignment in all of us. [01:40]

Is it as simple as calories in, calories out? [05:09]

Brad is enjoying his recent change in eating by consuming food in the morning instead of fasting and eating more fruit. [07:16]

The extra carbs that Brad is taking in have not added fat to his body. If one is consuming extra calories than one needs, the body adjusts to burn the excess calories. [11:11]

What is enough movement? What is enough protein intake? Our ancestors were focused on survival, not performance. [15:50]

We are wired to overeat. You need to be intuitive. [21:09]

Time restricted feeding’s benefit is that you are not consuming unnecessary calories. Eat the most amount of nutritious food that you can without gaining extra body fat. [25:00]

There has to be a balance in your athletic goals and how you want to live your life. [27:44]

Overdoing your exercise is antithetical to longevity. Eat more nutritious food (mostly protein) and move more. [39:46]

You can’t fix a bad diet with portion control. [43:24]

What about thyroid function? [44:40]

What does Mark’s future look like as far as his exercise routine goes? [45:31]


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