Brad: Five Tips To Aging Gracefully, Part 4 - Integrate Brief, Intense Exercise


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Welcome to part 4 of this series covering 5 essential tips for aging gracefully and optimizing energy and body composition.

Hopefully you’ve been listening since the start—in part 1 we talked about eliminating processed, nutrient-deficient foods from your diet, and in part 2 we talked about emphasizing the most nutrient-dense, easy to digest foods to drive for maximum cellular energy status at all times. In part 3 we talked about increasing all forms of general everyday movement (walking, taking quick breaks from work and integrating a variety of other forms of movement in your day) and in part 4, we focus on the best ways to integrate exercise, especially brief, intense workouts. This is a fundamental law of nature—you have to challenge your body through explosive efforts on a regular basis, otherwise it will literally shrivel up and send you into a tailspin of accelerated aging. Sadly this has become so commonplace that we see aging as this steady, accelerated decline over decades, so one important takeaway from this show is that merely moving more in everyday life will bring you more health and longevity benefits than adhering to a devoted fitness regimen. Of course this is not the whole picture, but considering how common Active Couch Potato Syndrome is, this is an important perspective shift—to realize how much just moving around more in everyday life will affect your longevity.

Let’s embrace the idea that we can move into the later decades of life still feeling athletic, energetic, and maintaining a healthy and impressive body composition! This episode will share how you can do this, reveal the number one cause for age-related decline, and much more to help you age as gracefully as possible.


Brad reminds us what the first three parts of his anti-aging podcasts covered. [0:59]

The Active Couch Potato Syndrome describes a person who exercises but is inactive the rest of the time. [02:18]

One of the main killers and the main causes of accelerated decline is the loss of muscle mass, and you can do so much about that at any age. [04:11]

Brief intense exercise is put into two categories. One is resistance training. [07:38]

The Big Five Workout protects you from over-training and is not time-consuming. [12:05]

Brief sprinting periods can be developed by gradually adding difficulty. The rest in between sprints is of critical importance. [16:02]

Micro workouts can be done at home or office with little equipment. [20:13]


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