Big Picture Insights About Eating An Animal-Based, Nutrient-Dense Diet (Breather Episode with Brad)


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I talk about diet a lot on this show, but sometimes it’s important to back up a few steps from dealing with all the nuances, deep research, and total immersion that I’ve had for the past few years and just offer some basic (but important) big-picture insights.

This show is for everyone, regardless of where you’re at in your dietary journey—as you will hear, I felt really inspired after my interview with heptathlete Chari Hawkins, one of the greatest female athletes in the world, to share the principles and guidelines that I am currently following that help me stick to my current diet. My current diet, by the way, is not keto, paleo or straight carnivore, but category-less—the only thing I am concerned with these days is nutrient density—that is my true goal. Get ready to hear the 13 crucial insights that have become the centerpieces of my current, nutrient-dense diet, and send any questions or comments to!


The main dietary message from Brad is a nutrient-dense diet is the way to go. [01:00]

Brad is discussing major recalibrations he has made in his diet, changing from fasting to eating more calories. [03:49]

A nutrient-dense diet helps you perform, recover, and maintain good hormone and immune status. The restrictive diets create extra stress. [08:17]

Ditch processed foods, especially vegetable oils. [10:49]

Toxic modern foods include refined grains and sugars and all the processed food and beverages that are made with these items. [12:58]

What about the leafy greens and other vegetables? [15:05]

Prioritize protein. We will continue eating calories until we get protein our body needs. [17:47]

Meat and fruit are the most easy-to-digest foods and the best source of protein and other micronutrients. [23:27]

Red meat is the most nutritious type of meat. [24:41]

High levels of plant toxins are often correlated with what is considered to be nutritious. Learn the difference. [32:08]

It is important to be selective on the animal-based diet, trying to acquire the best within your budget. Pasture-raised eggs are what to look for. [36:16]

Practices like keto, low carb, vegan, strict carnivore, intermittent fasting, time-restricted feeding are stressful by nature to the human. [40:06]

Many of the diets are successful because of what you eliminate rather than what you do eat. [45:22]

Strive for maximum cellular energy at all times by eating nutritious meals. [48:22]

We want all our dials turned up full. Females, especially, must look at this concept. [52:14]

Cellular energy production is diminished most likely from over-training or consuming the wrong foods. [57:54]

Liver and other organ meats are the number one most nutritious food on the planet. [59:31]

Brad’s morning smoothie, honey snacks and approved beverages are the way to start the day. [01:01:26]


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