Balancing Peak Performance With Longevity, Part 1 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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This two-part show is all about how to strike an optimal balance between peak performance goals and longevity.

I talk about the most effective and appropriate adjustments you can make to your fitness routine as you age and the numerous benefits that come from broadening your perspective on training and how this can help you make smarter choices that support healthy aging. I also share some of the lessons I’ve learned throughout my personal journey in endurance sports when it comes to walking that delicate line between passionately pursuing fitness while also being practical enough to set realistic goals.

Stay tuned for part 2!


We are going to talk about the balance of your goals of peak performance and longevity. [01:59]

Pursue peak performance with passion throughout life. Set age-appropriate goals. [03:45]

There is a greater prevalence of devastating consequences of long-term extreme endurance training. [08:31]

Where did we get the 26.2 miles goal for the marathon? Where did the Ironman originate? [10:30]

Brad’s personal journey in endurance sport began between age 21 and 30. [14:20]

After some unexplained injuries, Brad learned to recalibrate his physical condition and fitness goals. [20:02]

Brad had emergency medical problems to which he attributes his overly stressful exhaustive training. [27:54]

Especially when you are in the 40 plus age group, most fitness programs have workouts that are too long and too difficult for most people to benefit from. [31:07]


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