Episode 66: The Conclusion to Last Season's Epic Cliffhanger


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At the end of Season 2, our hosts unboxed some advanced reader copies of new books and assigned one to each other. In this episode our hosts are back from hiatus with their homework.

It took the dark humor of a lesbian atheist with a penchant for death, but we finally got genuine laughs out of Chris. After reading Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead, he even did extra credit by looking up similar books in Novelist Plus. Chris shared a list of potential titles that might tickle his funny bone in the future. We also learned the death of pet rabbits is a lasting sorrow. Autumn speaks from personal experience that jokes on this matter are all “too soon.”

Miranda was psyched for some speculative fiction like The Handmaid’s Tale, but Girl One fell short. She said the book was a good attempt but she was sometimes pulled out of it by stilted dialogue. Our hosts want to know if the secrets a missing mom kept and references to Kansas are enough to have you give the book a good review.

Even Tanya Tucker references couldn’t save Autumn’s review of The Photographer. Delta Dawn’s desire to join the family she’s hired to take photos of reaches past Autumn’s cringe criteria. However, our coworker Trish, loved the book. So there is hope that you will end up liking this book.

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