Episode 51: The BXC Review of ”The Candy House” by Jennifer Egan


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The great and unclassifiable American novelist and journalist JENNIFER EGAN takes center stage in Episode 51 of the Book XChange podcast, and this is an episode co-hosts Jude and John Lovell had been looking forward to for a long time. Her 2010 novel 'A Visit to the Goon Squad' won the Pulitzer Prize, and now 12 years later Egan returns to some of the same characters in this follow-up she terms a 'sibling novel' to that earlier effort. This fascinating novel of interlocking stories riffs on social media, technology, human psychology, memory and identity, and yet somehow manages to be a page-turning and surprisingly funny read that digs into some truly compelling questions. Egan is a writer of great intelligence and curiosity, but does it all add up to a novel we'd recommend? Gotta stream, download or save for later to find out! Thanks for everyone's patience on this one, and continued support of the BXC!


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