Episode 41: WORLD WAR II


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For episode 41 (commemorating, in part, the 80th anniversary of the United States' entry into the war in December 1941), the Book XChange brothers take on a subject that's as broad and wide-reaching as the conflict itself: World War II. As always, we aim here to provide some recommendations of books that aren't widely discussed and read, as well as cover some of the acknowledged classics. It's a huge subject and we did our best to cover a wide variety of titles that might speak to a broad expanse of interests. Thanks for listening!



What John is currently reading/plans to read next:

'Interior States' Meghan O'Gieblyn -


What John is currently reading/plans to read next:

'Every Man Dies Alone,' Hans Fallada -

'Lemmy: White Line Fever,' by Lemmy Kilmister & Janiss Garza -

Books/Writers discussed in this episode:

'Every Man Dies Alone,' Hans Fallada -

'Slaughterhouse Five,' - Kurt Vonnegut -

The short story "Telemachus," 'The Book of Aron,' and 'Paper Doll,' Jim Shepard -

'Battle Cry' and 'Mila-18,' Leon Uris -

'The Eagle Has Landed,' Jack Higgins -

'Priestblock 25487,' Jean Bernard -

'Advent of the Heart,' Fr. Alfred Delp -

'Suite Francaise,' Irene Nemirovsky -

'Manhattan Beach,' Jennifer Egan -

'Symphony for the City of the Dead,' Matthew Tobin Anderson -

'Hiroshima,' John Hersey -

'The Sea and Poison,' Shusaku Endo -

'Band of Brothers,' Stephen E. Ambrose -

'Memoirs of the Second World War,' Sir Winston Churchill -

'The Moon is Down,' John Steinbeck -

'The Naked and the Dead,' Norman Mailer -

'The Thin Red Line,' James Jones -

'Truman,' David McCullough -

'The Good War: An Oral History of World War II,' Studs Terkel -

'The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich,' William L. Shirer -

'Byline: Ernest Hemingway,' Ernest Hemingway -

'The End of the Affair,' Graham Greene -

'General of the Army,' Ed Cray -

Planned next episode of the Book XChange podcast:

Episode 42 will feature Jude and John's Top 10 Books of 2021 - not necessarily books released in that year, but the ten reads that impacted and impressed us the most. We'll go through our individual lists and discuss why these titles stood out for us. What were your favorite reads in this past year?? Be sure to let us know at bookxchangetwins@gmail.com.

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