Episode 38: The BXC Review of ”Leave the World Behind” by Rumaan Alam


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For the fifth time, the Book XChange podcast dedicates an entire episode to discuss a single book - in this case, one recommended to us by a BXC listener. 'Leave the World Behind' is a bestselling thriller written by Rumaan Alam - one that has been widely read and discussed, nominated for the National Book Award, and was also recently snapped up by NetFlix to be developed into a film. It's a novel that feels almost like a compendium of modern anxieties and fears, touching on issues such as racial relations, environmental concerns, geopolitical fears, parenting in a crisis, effective masculinity, our dependence on technology/connectivity (and what it may be doing to us), and above all, our obligation to our fellow human beings. But do all these intriguing touch points and hot buttons mean that the book itself is a satisfying reading experience that we both enthusiastically recommend? Sorry folks, you're going to have to listen to this one to find out... and we hope you do!


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