Episode 55: Must-haves, what you don’t know you NEED and DON’T NEED in your hospital bag for labor, birth, and postpartum recovery, with Rhowena Adolfo Patel, Founder of Healing Mama Co.


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In today’s episode Rhowena Adolfo Patel, CEO and founder of Healing Mama Co, is coming to the show!

Rhowena created Healing Mama Co from her own experience as a first-time mom. She has backpacked through 58 countries, and 7 of those were with an infant! Entrepreneurship is literally in her blood. Born to immigrant parents that started business after business, not always successfully, but definitely planted the seeds since her childhood.

She is an award-winning Financial Planner, she's spoken in Canada and internationally about the art of money and planning, she's literally worn different crowns, she's run a bed and breakfast, and now she and Healing Mama Co. are on a movement to bring Parental Care to the forefront of childbirth and postpartum.

And I will add that she is an incredible guest!

Rhowena accepted to come to the show today to talk to us about what you really need in your hospital bag for labor, birth, but also postpartum recovery - my favorite part of the healing Mama kits. And I actually am a Healing Mama Expert, and you will find some tips I’m sharing in their kits. I recently received mine and was I blown away by all the products included. They didn’t leave one single thing apart, you have everything you really need and nothing you don’t. I can only encourage you to check out their website and see what could work for you. Use the code BONJOURHEALING for 10% off.

Rhowena shared with us:

👉 Her very own story and what led her to create Healing Mama Co

👉 What are some of the essentials to have in your hospital bag for labor and postpartum - take your notebook!

👉 What you actually DON’T need to pack in your hospital bag

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👉 https://healingmamaco.com/

👉 Build your registry

👉 My favorite labor and postpartum bag

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