S3 Ep. 10: Pregnancy & Postpartum Body Changes, Motherhood & Feelings with Lindsay Stenovec


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Lindsay Stenovec, certified eating disorder registered dietitian and intuitive eating counselor, joins The Body Image Podcast for a beautifully authentic episode about motherhood, parenting, pregnancy and postpartum body changes, and all the feelings that come up with these life phases.

More specifically, inside the show we talk:

  • Motherhood,
  • Postpartum depression,
  • Body changes,
  • How to handle unhelpful body messages you get while pregnant,
  • Pregnancy and postpartum life and body changes,
  • The transition into parenthood,
  • Lindsay’s story of postpartum anxiety and depression with her 2nd child,
  • How to prepare for parenthood (is there such a thing?),
  • Struggling after giving birth,
  • The importance of validation for our feelings,
  • Mindfulness in nurturing our relationship with our thoughts, emotions, and body,
  • Trauma in pregnancy and postpartum,
  • Mental health support in food and body healing,
  • Lindsay’s personal story of shame in her postpartum healing process,
  • Removing “black and white” thinking from body image,
  • Being “in your body,"
  • Ways to feel more “in your body” after having a child,
  • And so much more

Lindsay's private practice website // Intuitive Eating for Moms // Lindsay's instagram // Private practice instagram

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