S4, Ep. 7: Positive Body Image: More than Loving Your Body or Self with Shira Rosenbluth


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In the second to last episode of season 4, Shira Rosenbluth, LCSW joins The Body Image Podcast to talk about why positive body image isn’t just about deciding to love yourself or your body. And in fact, how this notion can feel dismissive to individuals’ experiences in the fatphobic diet culture we live in today. In the show, we talk about grief in body image healing work, why recovery isn’t linear, and what food freedom really looks like.

More specifically, we discuss:

  • What does body image mean?
  • Body image V embodiment
  • Fatphobia and weight stigma in recovery and ED treatment
  • Why healing shouldn't be reliant on the individual
  • Why you can’t love yourself out of societal oppression
  • Grief in body image healing work and in the pursuit of thinness
  • Why recovery isn’t linear - from an ED or diet culture - and how it’s normal to feel hard
  • What food freedom really means
  • Unhelpful messages in diet culture
  • Navigating social media in recovery
  • The power of community for food freedom and body image
  • And much more

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