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Show renewals, challenge bans and empty gestures:

Good news for karate fans and army of witches stans. Netflix renewed Cobra Kai for season 5 before season 4 even premieres so hopefully than means they are seeing some great things in the episodes yet to come Also, Freeform gave a third and final season renewal to Motherland: Fort Salem. Thank goodness too because season 2 just ended on a heck of a season finale.

Activision Blizzard irked Overwatch players this week by announcing a popular in game character would soon be receiving a name change. More changes rumored to be coming soon to World of Warcraft names as well. However, may players suggest Blizzard should be making changes to their real world working conditions instead of deflecting to largely meaningless gestures inside their games.

We spend some time geeking out over the new Spider Man trailer and Tik Tok bans yet another potentially dangerous social media trend & challenge from their platform.

In the second half of the show,

More and more actors are beginning to speak out about the treatment their characters have received in movies and questioning the motives behind it. Perhaps this will be another step into more accurate representation of underserved characters and performers in our genre favorites. Can we just get rid of the tired tropes already?!

And Lil' Bit is a big old ball of stress with only a few more days until she leaves for Dragon Con. She catches us up on some of the big changes the convention is making this year to ensure a safe as possible environment for attendees.

All that and much more!

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