EP126 - Escape From L.A


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Hello all you Ed-Heads, Timbos, and Candice Ian infatuated.

This week we have a hum dinger of an episode. We are joined for the first time by my role model, Kurt Russell as the one and only Snake Plissken. Who Candice dated a guy that was convinced Kojima took no inspiration from for the Metal Gear series. A harsh inditement on the intellect of Candice, and her romantic interests at the time.

Tim is largely checked out this episode, I think he was wounded by how dope Snake's hair looked, or maybe he was too distracted by a Pam Grier with proper modulation. Which is when the electric eye, which is a green type of tube... 20 bucks if you get that referance.

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RIP to my dad, you made it past 80, so you were playing with the houses money you fucker. And welcome to the human race.

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