How NFTfi Brings DeFi to Bored Apes - Stephen Young, NFTfi founder, Ep. 193


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The total market-cap of NFT has hit $18 billion in 2022 - but most of these value are illiquid and NFTs sit idly in wallets.

NFTFi (@NFTfi) unlocks the liquidity of these NFTs by allowing owners to take NFT-collateralized loans. Till date, they have facilitated $128 million over 7000 loans.

In this episode, NFTFi co-founder, Steven Young shares with us:

  • Why is unlocking NFT liquidity necessary and how can it help floor prices?
  • What are the risks involved for lenders and borrowers?
  • Why is NFTFi’s peer-to-peer model the most optimal for NFT-backed loans?

Host: Jason Choi @mrjasonchoi . Not financial advice.

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(00:00:00) – Introduction (00:00:27) – Background of NFTfi’s Founders (00:04:17) – Beginning of NFTfi (00:06:53) – Projects eligible as collateral (00:08:15) – Different loan durations and common use-cases (00:14:30) – Liquidation on Loans (00:19:21) – NFTfi as an execution platform for Liquidity Provision DAOs (00:21:20) – Whitelisting criteria of NFT projects (00:24:50) – NFTfi’s competitors and different models (00:32:14) – Types of lenders and borrowers (00:36:27) – Future of NFTfi

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