Why This Fund is Investing $100M into NFTs - Andrew Steinwold, Sfermion, Ep. 194


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Sfermion is NFT-focused fund with managing partners that were early investors of OpenSea

Recently, they raised a $100m fund aimed at accelerating the emergence of an open, decentralized metaverse. In this episode, Founder Andrew Steinwold shares with us:

  • What are the 4 NFT sub-markets and their different value-drivers
  • How they analyze NFT-investments and Valuation Frameworks as a professional
  • Which NFT vertical has the most potential

Host: Jason Choi @mrjasonchoi . Not financial advice.

------------ Timestamps -------------

(00:00:00) – Introduction

(00:00:22) – Sfermion NFT Fund & Founder Andrew Steinwold

(00:03:58) – Why Specifically NFTs & Why Is He Bullish on NFTs?

(00:12:56) – Investing in NFT vertical

(00:14:53) – 4 Sub-Markets of NFTs

(00:17:11) – Case Study on Somnium Space & CryptoVoxels

(00:22:35) – NFT Valuation Framework

(00:29:00) – NFT Vertical With The Most Potential

(00:36:12) – Metaverse & Competition Between Web 2 & Web 3

(00:44:44) – NFT-Collateralized Loans

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Sfermion's Twitter: https://twitter.com/sfermion_

Sfermion's Website: https://www.sfermion.io/


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