Jon Tjhia from Aug 16, 2021


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Spending the hour with Jon Tjhia (Paper Radio, essays and other things, Radio Row, Dec 20 2020) talking about talking, the greediness of a microphone, clouds and a lack of wisdom.
Jon walking in the clouds
People Like Us - "Lost In The Dark" - Welcome Abroad [0:02:43]
Burnford, Paul; Pyramid Films, inc - "Art--people--feelings" [0:03:33]
Bobby Lee - "Rule the Summer Clouds" [0:04:18]
Jon Tjhia - "Rinse and Repeat from Separation Studies" [0:04:51]
Jon on Rinse and Repeat
Steve Reich - "Music For Pieces Of Wood" [0:13:57]
Jon on the little hints
Speed Painters - "Footpath Underwater" [0:14:54]
Jon on microphones
Jackson C. Frank - "Blues Run the Game (but it's looping and layered)" [0:21:57]
Ali Farka Touré - "Radio Mali" - Radio Mali [0:31:44]
Jon on feeling talking
Antonio Sanchez - "Night Chatter" [0:35:55]
Alan on the eyes of the interpreter
Jon Tjhia - "untitled loop (1)" - ServiceEtc [0:36:32]
Jon Tjhia - "untitled loop (2)" - ServiceEtc [0:39:52]
Connie Converse - "Talkin' Like You (Two Tall Mountains)" [0:43:16]
Farah - "The Only One" [0:46:11]
Jon Tjhia - "untitled loop (3_" - ServiceEtc [0:51:33]
Jon on tangents
Jon Tjhia - "untitled loop (4)" - ServiceEtc [0:54:32]
ii - "Mt Mirror" [0:55:40]
Jon on cloud jumping
Tachycardie - "Directement au voleur" [0:57:59]

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