How Andi Smiley’s Podcast, The Friendly Podcast Guide, Helps Busy Moms Discover The Right Shows To Listen


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Sometimes you just want a good podcast to listen to while caring for your kids. As a mom, finding the right podcast that is also kid-friendly for your child is a lot of work. If only there was a podcast guide out there for moms. You’re in luck because the guest today does precisely that.

Join Tracy Hazzard as she talks to the host of The Friendly Podcast Guide, Andi Smiley, about how she helps moms find the podcast they are looking for. Find out how and why Andi started a podcast as a mom. Learn how she grew and is continuing to grow her podcast business. Discover her process on how she scouts for new shows and gets guests. And know why there needs to be more kid-friendly podcasts right now.

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