William Zabka on 'Cobra Kai,' and a 2020 Sports Repodders Recap With Bryan Curtis and Jason Gay


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The Ringer’s Bill Simmons shares some early NBA reactions before giving out his Million-Dollar Picks for NFL Week 16 (3:00), before he is joined by actor William Zabka to discuss Season 3 of ‘Cobra Kai.’ They talk about making the platform switch to Netflix, successfully rebooting a classic franchise, Zabka’s character (Johnny Lawrence) switching from antagonist in the film franchise to protagonist in the TV show, Season 3 excitement, and more (23:00). Finally Bill talks with The Ringer’s Bryan Curtis and WSJ’s Jason Gay for another edition of the Sports Repodders. They discuss COVID-19’s major blow to the sports media industry, how sports media innovated when there were no sports to cover, a look back at the 2020 NFL draft, sports gambling permeating mainstream sports culture, the evolution of the relationship between athlete and journalist, and more (56:00).

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