EP 8: Ezra & Andrew Preview Doom + Pinyons & Pines


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...and we are back! Sorry for the lack of content folks. As you'll hear in this episode, Andrew and Ezra have been a bit busy these past few weeks. But it's time to go racing!...at least for Ezra. Ezra will be lining up for the Pinyons and Pines Bikepacking Race on Thursday morning in Flagstaff, AZ...and it's safe to say HE IS FIRED UP. Then on Friday the 13th (Yes - this was on purpose.) of May, Andrew will be hosting 25 brave souls for the inaugural Ozark Gravel Doom, simply known as DOOM. We've got some very exciting episodes in the works, but hopefully this short convo will tide you over for now. LET'S GO RACING!

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