The CBR Category 4 Race Tactics Experience Criterium With Jeff Prinz: BWC EP34


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Racing road bicycles is not for the faint of heart...
Not because of the blazing speeds or close-quarters riding, no, bike racing challenges an Athlete both physically and mentally as it requires riders to make critical tactical decisions under physical stress.
Without time-outs, substitutions, or being able to "phone a friend" as they do in a game show, bicycle racing requires Athletes to think quickly in order to out-maneuver their opponents and ride to victory.
At Big Wheel Coaching this hard-truth is one of our favorite aspects of the sport!
Instead of training our Athletes to "strong arm" the competition, we help them develop both their FITNESS & TACTICAL KNOWLEDGE in order to help them achieve success.
In this weeks podcast Coach Brian interviews California Bicycle Racing Race Promoter and owner, Jeff Prinz to talk about this weekends CBR Race Tactics Experience Upgrade Crit for Category 4 riders.
It's a unique opportunity for Category 4 Men and Women to receive personalized coaching, race tactics instruction and guidance on executing the race strategy that will help them get results!

To sign up for this weekends Upgrade Criterium and the BWC Cat 4 Race Tactics Experience, follow this link:

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We hope you enjoy this episode of the BWC Podcast and it will help you work toward being your very best in your upcoming events!

Until Next Time, Be Safe, Train Hard, & Have Fun!

-Brian and Joy McCulloch
Big Wheel Coaching, Inc.

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