Special Episode: Join The BWC Peloton At The Mammoth Gran Fondo (BWC EP25)


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With 75% of the 102-mile route closed to cars, the Mammoth Gran Fondo is a unique chance for cyclists to take-over the roads and enjoy the amazing scenery without the "hum" of traffic buzzing by...
For the performance-minded cyclist this fact holds another opportunity, to ride in a fast-moving, safe, and predictable peloton of like-minded riders.
And that is exactly what our BWC Coaches will be leading and organizing in Mammoth this week!
Curious to learn more? Never experienced a proper peloton? Excited to get to Mammoth to get "on the front" and be a part of a peloton?
Or maybe you just want to ride fast and avoid struggling in the wind with no one to share the work?
Either way we want you to join our peloton!
In this Special Edition podcast we outline the more finer-points and necessary details to help you and your riding partners join our BWC Peloton for a great day out on the road!

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Or, do you want some cool BWC Swag like socks, hats, or a race day bag?
We hope you enjoy this episode of the BWC Podcast and will join us in Mammoth for a one-of-a-kind ride that will bring you smiles, exhilaration, and satisfaction!


Until Next Time, Be Safe, Train Hard, & Have Fun!

-Brian and Joy McCulloch

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