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Many cyclists have a love/hate relationship with strength work...
They love the strength built in the gym, but often struggle converting it to "on the bike" power and loathe the extra mass that comes with a traditional strength training program.
For road racers, endurance mountain bike competitors, and gravel junkies, that extra bulk built in the weight room is so eschewed that skipping the gym altogether might make the most sense.
After all, taking away 1-3 riding days a week in favor of strength training doesn't add up when your goals are endurance events that are 3hrs, or more, in duration.
But there is a solution, as emerging research supports, a way to build strength without bulk...
And even better it works for Athletes working on a "time crunched" schedule!
In this weeks podcast we explore what we at BWC HQ have come to call, the "Lift Heavy Stuff" protocol with Shawn Wayland of Simple Fitness by Shawn.
Shawn is a former professional cyclist and is completing his studies to earn a Masters Degree in Strength & Conditioning. There are few people with the strength training certifications he possesses that also knows the demands of being a top-level competitive cyclist.
It's a great episode, one you don't want to miss!

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We hope you enjoy this episode of the BWC Podcast and it will help you work toward being your very best in your upcoming events!

Until Next Time, Be Safe, Train Hard, & Have Fun!

-Brian and Joy McCulloch
Big Wheel Coaching, Inc.

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