From Bolivia On A 125lb. MTB To 100-Mile Gravel Events In NorCal: Meet Athlete Erik Andrejko BWC Podcast EP16


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"The toughest challenge I have ever faced on a bike was 3-days in the Gobi Desert when I thought I was lost and had to spend the majority of my day walking my bike through the deep sand..."

Not many competitive cyclists have a background that includes bike-packing through Mongolia, Bolivia, and the Gobi Desert, but then again, Erik Andrejko is not a conventional kind-of guy.

Having started his cycling career as a young-man bike-packing through remote areas in Asia and all across Europe, Erik Andrejko has found that racing gravel events has blended his passion for adventure with his thirst for competition now that he is a father, husband, and time-crunched cyclist.

Having recently completed Lost & Found, a 100-mile ruggedly grueling gravel event in Northern California, not to mention a build-up that included nearly a dozen other events to prepare him for this immense challenge, Erik is loving the balance of performance and adventure that comes with gravel racing.

In this episode of the BWC Podcast, Coach Brian talks with Erik about his unusual path to racing and the build up that helped him conquer one of his season biggest goals.

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