Jeff Younger Reveals The Existential Crisis In American Education That Can No Longer Be Ignored


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Jeff Younger received national attention because he endured the unthinkable as a result of corruption in family law and education. His ex-wife battered him in court to pay child support to have their son, James, transition genders at a pre-school age, against Jeff's wishes. The struggle has prompted Jeff's courage and activism. He is now running for the Texas state legislator and has a shot at winning.
In this discussion, the BBG and Jeff talk about education in the larger sense. You may be surprised that the topic does not dwell on the hot button issues brought forward by trans bathroom bills or the "don't say gay" law (misrepresented by that term) in Florida.
Instead BBG and Jeff go deeper to talk about the existential crisis in USA education, beginning with why we spend so much money and time on students and cannot produce scholars as smart as the haphazardly educated people who founded America.
From there they discuss the plague of high school sports, the neglect of males in the education system, and a host of problems affecting not only the humanities but the sciences as well.
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