Matthew 20: 1-16 --Wandering with Jesus: Children, Laborers, and Justice


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In this month’s episode, Liam and Don take a look at Jesus’ teaching on the laborers in the vineyard through the larger story of Jesus engaging with the people. Liam explores the tendency to isolate Jesus’ teachings and parables from their story-based, literary contexts.

Liam proposes that the author of Matthew’s gospel (like the authors of each gospel) intentionally connected the teachings with the events surrounding them. As an example, Liam considers the vineyard teaching in conversation with Jesus blessing the children (Matt 19) as he goes about the towns blessing people, tending the sick, feeding people, and teaching.

Don and Liam share some lively discussion about the implications of these teachings, especially when we consider the teachings in the context of the stories about how Jesus interacts with communities.

Before closing, Don shares the lyrics to Ani DiFranco’s song Coming Up. Musical track Zero Remorse by Jon Sumner from Epidemic Music.

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