208: The Incredible Stories Of Resilence, Blessings And Overcoming Adversity Of Aaron Young


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Aaron talks about his unique life experiences and how it has all led him to a place of wisdom that is far and wide. He is all about communicating and exploring the human condition and sharing it with everyone.

He does this all through Catalyst Coaching Australia, his Business and Life Coaching program.

Aaron grew up in a very chaotic, dysfunctional, and terrifying environment. His mother was an addict and to this day suffers from a myriad of mental illnesses which in turn led to him suffering a serious amount of neglect.

At the age of five, he was abducted by a local and he suffered through a molestation attempt. He spent a day thinking he was going to die because of this experience. However, this experience shaped the rest of his life.

He spent a lot of time overseas and did a lot of different jobs for the US and the UK military. Eventually he fell in love and left everything behind and ran of with his loved one to South Africa and ended up getting married there.

He spent a lot of time with wildlife because of his innate ability to attract animals and his close proximity to Kruger National Park.

They eventually emigrated to Zimbabwe where he got into the hunting industry. After witnessing the shooting of an underage leopard, he vowed to turn his life away from hunting and into conservation.

Aaron eventually went into farming because conservation doesn’t pay the bills for him due to the reason that it doesn’t make any money. Due to how he ran his farm, he made a lot of political enemies causing him to leave his farm and hide due to death threats and other terrible experiences with the government.

However, he was eventually arrested. This was because he refused to play by their rules. He spent a ton of time in prison and until now hasn’t seen his children again.

Episode 208 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must listen for anyone who’s been through a lot of childhood neglect, horrendous life experiences and adversity. For all those who have given up hope and stopped fighting the ever-coursing river called life. Remember that there is always hope and that you should never give up. Do not be embarrassed to ask for help because there will always be one that would try to reach out and assist you in hardship. Even if there is no one, you still have yourself and all you have to do is pull yourself through and out of it.

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