No. 52 | How to Shift Your Sh*t and Prioritize Your Self Care


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In this episode I am joined by my friend Courtney Klop of Self Care Creature and we are talking all about how to prioritize your self care, the importance of turning inwards and how to shift your life to make space for growth, change and self-trust.

Covered in this episode:

  • simple steps to begin implementing self care
  • limiting beliefs and limiting potential
  • belief > potential > action > growth
  • why after pics don't tell the whole story
  • trusting yourself
  • the importance of investing in yourself and in mentors
  • What is Well Self?
  • and so much more!

About Courtney Klop

Courtney is a self-care guide + educator. With a background as a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and functional nutritional therapist, Courtney has come to describe self-care as synonymous with self-compassion. She's a wild-hearted soul that lives for adventure and genuine connection. Enamored by life, nourishing traditions, and the human experience altogether, Courtney loves guiding people through the inner journey. She'll teach ya how to loosen up, trust yourself, and love your life.

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