No. 42 | Gut Healing 101 and Why I am Healing My Gut... AGAIN!


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In this episode we go back to basics with gut healing and gut health, plus I am sharing why I am back to healing my gut... again, including the testing I use and recommend and my foundational tips.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Gut Health Matters SO MUCH!
  • Why I am Healing My Gut... AGAIN.
  • Signs and Symptoms You May Need to Heal Your Gut
  • What Causes Gut Issues?
  • Getting Started With Gut Healing
  • The 4 Rs of Gut Healing
  • What You Can Do When Elimination Diets Aren't Working
  • Functional Tests I Use in My Practice to Get to Root Cause Issues
  • What Can You Do After a Round of Antibiotics?
  • Tips for Fat Digestion
  • Recommendations for Gastroparesis
  • Is There a Holistic Plan for Coming Off PPIs?
  • Why Am I Still Getting Heartburn if I am Supplementing with HCL?
  • How to Know When Gut Healing Is Working?
  • How Long Does Gut Healing Take?

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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