No. 37 | 6 Tips to Handle the Holidays


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If you are ready to ditch the food fear, the shame, the guilt, the extremes and the general dread of holiday food, eating and events – this episode is for you.

Learn about the extremes most people default to during the holidays and why they just don't work, plus catch my simple tips for creating a healthy holiday season that is not just doable, but actually enjoyable!

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And to make the holidays even easier here is my yearly reminder...

  1. Ditch the idea that you are either on track or you are off track - as my friend Cristina Curp says "Burn the wagon!"
  2. Ask yourself those important questions that help you have an awareness BEFORE you go in without a plan.
  3. Put foods on your plate that make you happy.
  4. Eat the foods on your plate that make you happy. DO IT!
  5. Avoid the foods that make you feel like garbage. Or don’t and then be OK with maybe feeling like a hot dumpster fire.
  6. Give yourself grace – one day is a blip on the radar of your lifetime. Spoiler alert: you can’t undo it all in one day
  7. Remember: it is not your responsibility to make anyone else comfortable with how you choose to eat.
  9. Get in a holiday workout if you WANT to or don’t. Just don’t burn to earn, push to punish or fast to blast.

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