EP 27: How to Detox Your Lymphatic System


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The lymphatic system is one of the least discussed aspects of the human body, with few of us considering how it impacts our overall health and wellness. Dr. Minni Malhotra talks to us today about why this system is so important, from its normal function as the sewage system of the body's tissues, to how it contributes to disease when dysregulated. She dives into the most common causes of lymphatic system problems, and how this system itself can cause other pathologies when not regularly detoxed. We hear ten fantastic tips on how to detox the lymphatic system, which include everything from hydrotherapy to dry brushing. Tune in today to find out what your lymphatic system does for you, and how you can take better care of this remarkable machine!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The often-forgotten lymphatic system, and why it’s so important to our everyday functions.
  • The causes of lymphatic system problems.
  • How the lymphatic system can contribute to chronic inflammation and recurring infections.
  • The symptoms of a backed-up lymphatic system.
  • Why you should detoxify your lymphatic system.
  • How to detoxify your lymphatic system: the ten best methods.
  • Number one: regular exercise and how it improves both blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Minni’s recommendations for regulating your stress levels (number two).
  • The benefits of heat (sauna or steam) throughout the body (number three).
  • Number four: the herbs most effective in cleansing various organs.
  • Number five: the most powerful cleansing spices.
  • The top essential oils for detoxing and how they work (number six).
  • Why you should consider dry brushing (number seven).
  • Juice fasting: why you need to prepare for it (number eight).
  • How to detox the lymphatic system using massage (number nine).
  • Body wraps: what they are and how they work (number ten).
  • Minni’s final tips on living a healthy lifestyle and detoxing your lymphatic system.

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