Episode 171: How Your Family Can Achieve Mindfulness, Gratitude, and Forgiveness with a Zen Pig


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My guest this week is Mark Brown. Ever since winning a region-wide poetry contest in fourth grade, coastal Virginia native Mark Brown, has been orbiting the world of writing. After graduating with a degree in film and settling down in Nashville, Tennessee, Mark found a niche creating healthcare-based video ads, but after a few years found that that kind of life didn't pair well with his life as a dedicated father. So, he decided to do a major change and apply his talents to the world of children's books, more specifically to the Zen Pig Universe. Mark wanted his son Noble to learn the life-changing power of values like gratitude, mindfulness, self-forgiveness way before he did. Quickly, Mark found that he wasn't alone. Zen Pig was a breakaway hit, helping parents articulate sometimes abstract concepts into easy-to-understand language, paired with beautiful minimalist art. The Zen Pig Universe continues to grow each year with 12 titles already available, and more releasing soon!

In this episode, Mark and I discuss how mindfulness, gratitude, and self-forgiveness are superpowers for adults and kids. More than ever, we need these simple tools that help us stay in the moment. The Zen Pig books have taken these concepts and whittled them down to the most concise, acute gems that are accessible and useful for all ages.

Episode Intro … 00:00:30

Mark Brown & Making Mindfulness Accessible … 00:01:15

Children are Innately Present … 7:08

Zen Pigs for Any Age … 00:12:25

How to Be Present & Compound Effect of Mindfulness … 00:16:40

Inserting Gratitude … 00:24:50

Flipping Kids to a Positive Outlook with Enjoyable, Peaceful Content … 00:30:20

Future of Zen Pigs … 00:35:10

Zen Pigs and Free Resources … 38:30

Episode Wrap up … 39:35

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