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How To Start A Successful Website Business? Business Coach | Executive Coach

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I've answered this question in different ways. You can go to my website: We have a lot of resources there.

But right now. I'll give you a 7-step rollout process for a new start-up business.

How to start a successful website business? Since this is online, I will keep the terms related. But this applies online & offline.

1. Find a hot market. Find a problem. Then pick the avatar you want to help. Example: Say you want to offer housing solutions. 2 people need to find places to live. A rich and a broke one. One can pay and the other may not. My point is: 2 different types of people can experience the same problem. The problem is the market. Then pick the avatar you want to work with. This is a make it or break it decision.

2. Find or Create A Product/Service To Sell.

3. Create a Promotion Describing It and Its Benefits.

If it's online, you'll need: A. Some form of an Ad. B. Page/Place where they sign up for more info. For example: Free quote, a diagnostic survey, download a free report, etc...

C. An order form to collect money.

D. Auto-responder that goes on forever. To follow-up with people & encourage them to buy. To encourage them. To update them on related news & events, etc...

4. Run a test. You want 1000 to 5000 web visitors. You need volume. You need a lot of traffic. Most sales pages only convert less than 1% of web visitors. Plus the more traffic you get, the lower the conversion rate. Traffic volume + quality is a real challenge.

5. Analyze the results. Bad results? Repeat Steps 1-4. IF the results are good:

6. Get Another 20-50,000 Web Visitors.

7. If results are STIL good, keep scaling and take care of business.

This is a 7-step roll-out formula for how to START a successful business.

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