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How To Become An Executive Coach? Business | Executive Coach

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My answer is just do it. An executive coach is a generic term. In the beginning, find out where the executives are. Start talking to them. Find out some problems they're having. Find the problem you think you can solve. Once you've got it. You need to convince an executive. Or, 3 or 4, to pay you or let you do it for free. For experience solving the problem. Now you're on your way to be an executive coach. That's it in the beginning.

"Executive coach" is such a broad term. So you should specialize as soon as you can. I've said this in another video. There is an income-earning ladder. At the bottom of the pyramid are generalists. Like a dentist. A dentist makes an average amount of money for their profession. Then we have a specialist. An orthodontist. The orthodontist will get paid more. The dentist might be able to solve the same problem as an orthodontist. But it will not be equal experiences. Due to the lack of training compared to the orthodontist. There is greater certainty and confidence in the orthodontist. You pay specialists more than generalists, even if a generalist can do it.

On the other hand. Who earns more than the specialists? The trainers of specialists. You will pay the trainer more because you expect a higher standard from them. They may not be the best in the field. But you believe you will get an industry-average result. At worst.

Then the person who earns more compared to all the examples, are celebrities. Because of the law of supply and demand. If you are a celebrity, and you have limited time. There is more demand. A higher value for your time.

So how do you become an executive coach? You just get out there and do it. When you start collecting 10,000 hours, the problems you solve will be clearer. As you give service, you start earning hours of experience. Solving the type of problem you want to solve. For the type of person you want as a client. That's how you do it. You just get going.

I would advise you to invest in yourself. In your training, education, and experience. And check out other programs. I advise you avoid the idea of easy success. Of a weekend certification program to ordain you qualified.

Yes, you might have a certificate. There are a lot of associations you can join. But at the end of the day, people are paying for results. Your repetition in the industry builds and depends on results you get. Make sure you do business with integrity, clarity, and transparency. Do the best you can. And keep moving forward. There are going to be challenges. Like bad clients. But do the best you can.

Depending on your situation. Maybe in the beginning, Living expenses are your top concern. But once you've got on top of that, I encourage you to pursue excellence. And enjoy the game of being into the industry. You will have more time, success, and be more creative. You will be more magnetic to the surrounding people. And that's the really important part of it.

Also, there are two parts to executive coaching. One is doing the work to solve the problem. As a coach, it is your role to help your player. In this case, the executive. Pay the game better. Whether it's fixing your mindset, diet, sleep, and your business skills. One is helping you do that. The other one is helping you see what you've done. The reporting component. And this is something I'm improving. I learned that, One part is doing the work. Another is reporting on the work that you did. So they see the value and recognize it. A third is making sure you get paid.

Find ways to measure improvement and results of clients. It will be a significant part of helping both parties.

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