Preventing Problem Behaviors with Universal Protocols: Session 182 with Kevin Luczynski


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Dr. Kevin Luczynski joins me for a really fun conversation in Session 182 of The Behavioral Observations Podcast. If you're not familiar with Kevin, he is an Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Director for the recently initiated Virtual Care Program at the Munroe Meyer Institute.

In this episode, we cover the following:

  • How Kevin discovered Behavior Analysis.
  • How Kevin endeared himself to his then co-worker, now wife, and previous BOP guest, Dr. Nicole Rodriguez.
  • What inspired some of the early Preschool Life Skills studies.
  • How universal protocols like Balance and PLS fit into PBIS.
  • The role of preference for contingent reinforcement, and,
  • A brief primer on Joint Control... something I am not very familiar with, but am looking forward to learning more about, especially at Kevin's upcoming talks at the 2022 Verbal Behavior Conference.

Kevin also leaves us with four pieces of just outstanding advice. I've been pushing my guests lately to really think hard about answering this question lately, and Kevin does not disappoint. As such, you're going to want to listen through to the end.

For Patreon subscribers, we spend an additional 5-10 minutes talking about his interest in the role that ecological validity plays in applied research.

Here are some resources for what we discussed:

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