A Unique Approach for Staff Development: Apollo Case Study Series 4


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In the fourth installment of the Apollo Case Study Series, Dr. Jim Moore and I are joined by his fellow Apollo clinician, Jennifer Freedman. Jen is a newer BCBA, and we spent most of this episode talking about the advanced training and professional development she's received while working in Apollo's unique clinical model.

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In particular, here are just a few of the topics we covered in this wide-ranging conversation:

  • How Jennifer learned advanced skills in the staff development practices at Apollo
  • A review of the case of Jennifer's biggest success at Apollo
  • The importance and utility of using universal behavior management protocols
  • How Jennifer learned to use Relational Frame Theory concepts in her practice
  • How to help learners who hit seemingly have hit developmental plateaus
  • The role that various assessment and curricula have at Apollo (PEAK, EFL, VB-MAPP, etc...)
  • How to communicate successful outcomes to funding sources
  • How Jennifer learned to incorporate ACTraining in clinical practice
  • Ways in which the clinical approach at Apollo is responsive to many current critiques of ABA
  • Jim's critique of current social skills training approaches, and how he looks at it differentlyA Unique Approach for Staff Development

As always, huge thanks to Kim Dean, Jim Moore, and everyone else at Apollo Behavior for bringing this case study series to you commercial free. Please take a minute to check Apollo out, either at their website, or on social media.

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