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Being a thriver of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and having experienced various kinds of abuse through lives adversity; which stripped me of my voice in not too distant past. It is my mandate to empower anyone who is currently experiencing any form of lives adversity; make them feel loved, valued, and appreciated. I provide them with the necessary tools and resources to transition from the valley of bitterness and brokenness to a more positive and prosperous life. In the beautifully broken me podcast; We are centered on sharing thought-provoking & highly inspiring stories of warriors who overcame various lives adversities and how that propelled them into living a more victorious and successful life. We create the understanding that pains and traumas are integral fuel to pursuing purpose. We help them to discover and rediscover their true sense of purpose, to discover their self-worth and confidence, to feel vibrant, loving every aspect of their lives; inorder to live out their dreams in a way that is originally intended.

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