Episode 19 - Holiday Inn


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Welcome to the Basketball Bullies Podcast! On this week's episode, The Bullies once again offer a limited time promotional code from our sponsor, Hadda. A scandal around the rare Conference Finals pack drop and the Suite Contest involving a Discord moderator has shocked the NBA Top Shot community and the team discuss and deliberate their thoughts on their situation. Thoughts on multi-accounting, rare playoff pack drop, a new playoff quest and a quick pack opening are on the docket for this week's NBA Top Shot topics (0:14)

The Bullies recap a week of NBA headlines featuring the unveiling of the NBA's 75th anniversary logo, Team USA experiencing upsets in exhibition games, Kawhi's knee injury, an abundance of coaching news and more. Following an exciting road win by the Milwaukee Bucks to take control of the series in Game 5, the Bullies summarize the series, brainstorm what Phoenix could've done differently in the final mins of Game 5, and question if the Suns still have a chance to win the Larry O'Brien Trophy. A roundtable discussion around the greatness of Giannis and his ranking in NBA lore conclude the nineteenth episode of the Basketball Bullies Podcast! (35:13)

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