Five and Dive, Episode 154: This is a haberdashery podcast now


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In Episode 154, Emma and Jeffrey talk about barbecue and then discuss five mostly baseball topics.
1. LOVE This Trade for the Rays. Who’d They Give Up? And Who’d They Get?: Nelson Cruz is on his way to Tampa in a very Rays trade.
2. Around the Horn: Bullpen implosions for the Yankees and Dodgers, a very brief retirement, and ongoing Phillies covid issues.
3. Unstuck in time: A month after the sticky stuff ban, what has happened?
4. Welcome to the Upside Down: And welcome back to #hatchat
5. What to Watch: The Phillies and Braves battle to get over .500, the Brewers and White Sox have some spicy pitching matchups, and more Yanks and Sawx if that's your thing.
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