BOSS MINI EP38: Setting Up Short Distanced Offices, The Office Pass tops the hospitable Co-working Office Culture in India - Nikhil Madan, Co-Founder, The Office Pass


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Nikhil Madan, Co-Founder, The Office Pass, shares his entrepreneurial journey of kickstarting one of India’s fastest-growing co-working and managed office spaces. Beginning from, Aditya, Nikhil, Sachin, and later Saket found opportunities in the co-working space, but in the Indian context. Nikhil and his Co-Founder at The Office Pass believe in establishing and strengthening relationships instead of just creating a B2B or B2C business. Catering to medium scaled businesses, The Office Pass aims to set up working spaces at an achievable distance. Listen to know more about Nikhil’s journey and widen your Dhandho Ni Soch.

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