151: Helping Our Children Develop Self-Discipline with Carol Muleta


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On this week's episode on The Balanced Parent Podcast, I will be joined by Carol Muleta and we will be chatting about how we can help our children develop self-discipline and resilience. Something that I know we all want for our children but that can be difficult to figure out how to nurture respectfully.

Carol Muleta is a Parenting Strategist and Consultant. She created The Parenting 411, a portal where she engages parents and awakens the JOY in their journey with her fresh approach to addressing challenging behavior, building strong family connections, and fostering children’s success in school and in life. Carol teaches parents through workshops, webinars, group coaching, a parenting radio show, and a podcast.

To help you even more, check out carolmuleta.com and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and get the resources you need. She also has a wonderful podcast called The Parenting 411 that I was recently a guest on, so check that out as well.

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